First one.

Well, that’s my “first” blog to to write. My mind right now is full of ideas flying in a random motion, they just need to be well organized (and i’m working on that).

In this blog i will be writing about life, photography, politics and astronomy. Also stories in mind will be shared here.

When i wrote “First one” up there, i remembered when i was jumping from a C-130 plane and i was the “first” one in the row.

I waited in front of the open door for about 5 minutes to hear the bell and i was terrified as it was my “first” jump.I remember my knees were shaking of fear and my heart was beating of excitement (things became better in the next jumps). However, it was a great experiences, and hope blogging here would be a great experience too.

I would be happy reading your reviews.

Twitter: @adhameltantawy



  1. khalid riad

    very good move, Adham. A very long awaited one; but you have finally gathered your courage and made it. The next thing to do is post your views in a more solidified frame, rather than the marginalized comments you post here and there.

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