Between stars and mountains.

From couple of weeks i was in El-Medwra mountain in  Wadi Elrayan which located in Egypt. It is one of the beautiful places you can visit in Egypt, it stretches on an area of 1759 km². In the middle age this area was part of the ocean, so in part you may find skeletons of primitive fish. It has a spectacular clear night sky.

It Was a trip with ASMM (Astronomical Society of Mahmoud’s Mosque) observing a meteor shower at its peak.


That’s me 🙂

IMG_0876 IMG_0850 IMG_0840


 When the night came a whole new view came up and the significant beauty of the sky was unleashed. As you know i’m a amateur astronomer but i have never went to a place the sky is clear, this was the first time.

When the sun set i saw a strange region in the sky. I asked friend with a happy smile on my face “is this the milky way?”, he said “yes! we saw it when we….”  i didn’t hear what he was saying. I was very happy that i has isolated in my great happiness looking a this region (the sky was’t even dark yet). It has one of the happiest moments I can’t forget. Looking through my eyes -not through a computer screen- to my big home, to millions of stars, to the dust clouds which is the stars factory.


Himtox Ibrahim, the great photographer took this significant shot. This was the sky there.


this shot of the moon was taken from my telescope there.

After a wonderful day with wonderful people and a wonderful sky we went again down the mountain to go back to Cairo.




You should go there. 🙂

I would be happy reading your reviews.

Twitter account: @adhameltantawy

Flickr account: here



  1. khalid riad

    fascinating pictures; magical

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